Monday, July 23, 2007

Rapaholic™ Present Exclusive: Sean Price - Master P. (2007)

Label..........: Bucktown USA / Duck Down
Source.........: CDDA
Genre..........: Hip-Hop
Size...........: 56,5 MB
Rip Date.......: Jul-19-2007
Release Date...: Jul-24-2007
LAME 3.97 V20
01. 6 Dollar Man 01:40
02. M.A.S.T.E.R. P (feat. Agallah) 02:43
03. BCCC (Frankenstein) (feat. Buckshot & Tek) 04:40
04. The Huckabuc (Produced by Khrysis) 02:17
05. All I Know (feat. Jozeemo) 02:46
06. One Question (feat. Rustee Juxx & Cousin Reeks) 3:34
07. Long Fifth Goodnight (feat. Starang Wondah) 02:07
08. Jackass Number 2 (feat. Flood) 01:43
09. Get It Together (feat. & prod. by Diamond D) 03:18
10. Connect 4 (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, U.G., & Casual) 03:27
11. Knock Em Out The Box (feat. Eratik Statik) 02:56
12. Legbreakers (feat. Big Shug) (prod. by Moss) 03:51
13. Jamaican (Produced By Khrysis) 02:45
14. Fish 02:12
15. Good Fellaz (feat. Sayez & Goverment) 04:08
16. Rotten Apple Remix (feat. Prodigy) 03:00
17. What's The Deal (feat. A-Rob & Nezquic) 03:08
18. Psycho Ward (Produced By Khrysis) (Music From Mic Tyson) 01:34


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