Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shout out 2 Rapaholics!!!

Here we go again!!!
Label..........: KOCH
Source.........: CDDA
Genre..........: Rap
Size...........: 60,6 MB
Rip Date.......: 03-25-2008
Release Date...: 00-00-0000
Quality........: LAME 3.97 V2
01. AZ - The Game Don't Stop 04:07
02. AZ - Superstar 04:21
03. AZ - Life On The Line 04:32
04. AZ - Fire 03:14
05. AZ - What Would You Do (feat. Jay Rush) 04:19
06. AZ - Dead End 03:25
07. AZ - Parking Lot Pimpin' 04:23
08. AZ - Undeniable 03:24
09. AZ - Go Getta (feat. Ray J) 04:03
10. AZ - Now I Know 03:15
11. AZ - A. Game 03:25
12. AZ - The Hardest (Video Mix) (feat. Styles P) 07:45

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Teacha Returns...

Title [Adventures In Emceein]
Artist [KRS-One]
Label [Echo-Vista]
Genre [Hip-Hop]
Quality/Size [44,1 @VBR 73,3 MB]
Ripped [02-13-2008]
Grabbed from [CDDA ]
Enc [Lame 3.97]
01 00:16 Intro F. Rakim
02 00:54 TodayÆs Topics F. Chuck D
03 03:39 Our Soldiers F. Cx
04 03:41 Money F. MC Lyte
05 03:23 We Dem Teachas F. Keith Stewart
06 02:57 Better & Better F. Pee-Doe
07 02:42 The Way ItÆs GoinÆ Down
08 02:22 The Teacha Returns
09 03:06 The Real Hiphop F. Nas
10 02:49 Watch This! F. S-Five
11 03:32 WhatÆs Your Plan?
12 02:37 All Right F. Just Blaze
13 02:53 DonÆt Get So High (Dancehall Mix)
14 02:38 I Got You
15 03:10 All My Love F. Carlet Boseman
16 03:08 Over 30 (Remix)
17 03:07 Getaway
18 03:44 DonÆt Give It Up F. S-Five
19 03:24 Gro---Oh!(Hiphop Nation) F. S-Five
20 03:43 ItÆs All Love F. Non-Stop
21 02:57 Wachanoabout F. Vince Flores On Guitar

Hip-hop is definitelly lives!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

vOtE - hOpE

I'm not an American but i know they can!
as Salaam aleikum!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Great performance: Dead Prez - Live In San Francisco

Artist: Dead Prez
Title: Live In San Francisco
Label: 2B1 Multimedia
Genre: Rap
Bitrate: 142kbit av.
Time: 00:48:48
Size: 52.17 mb
Rip Date: 2008-02-04
Str Date: 2008-02-05
1. Turn Off The Radio 1:53
2. That's War! 1:50
3. We Need A Revolution 2:24
4. Know Your Enemy 2:11
5. Hell Yeah (Pimp The System) 2:45
6. W-4 3:04
7. Assassination 1:10
8. Behind Enemy Lines 1:26
9. B.I.G. Respect 1:33
10. I'm A African 1:40
11. Runaway Slave 1:29
12. Grown Man 1:25
13. When Mama Cries 3:12
14. Mind Sex 2:49
15. Fuck The Law 1:18
16. It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop 2:46
17. Walk Like A Warrior 1:53
18. Twenty 1:11
19. They Schools 3:10
20. Riot Starter (Bonus) 2:16
21. Running Hot (Bonus) 2:25
22. Portraits Of Life (Bonus) 2:18
23. Bonus Remix Track 2:38

FIYA )) stay tuned...

Talib Kweli Writes Open Letter, Supports Obama!

On his song "Say Something," Brooklyn emcee Talib Kweli said that he "speaks to the people like Barack Obama." That waving name-check might not have been an endorsement. But if there was any question who the emcee and label-owner was supporting in this year's primary election, Kweli wrote an open letter to voters just hours before Super Tuesday.
"It is the last year of the Bush Administration and thank God. I usually rail against being described as simply 'political rapper,' and I haven't voted since Bill Clinton first ran for president. I was following the tradition that black Americans have had of voting for Democrats since we got the right in 1964 (temporarily). Then, Clinton, as president's go, seemed better than Bush Sr., but I did not like his policies in Sudan or the constant bombing of Iraq. I also did not like the way our government dragged us through the Lewinsky Scandal. I felt betrayed by the system, and I stopped voting, no longer accepting of the lesser of two evils. I knew the two party system was designed to fail us. I knew that politicians must lie for a living, because it would be impossible to make good on their promises. I knew about the lobbyists and the PAC. I did not make it my issue, but if someone asked me, I would explain why I didn't vote. Most of the time people talked to me like I lost my mind, but every once and awhile someone understood. I knew that our ancestors fought and died for the right to vote, but I didn't feel like voting for the lesser of two evils in a broken system was the proper way to honor them. It was pageantry, and I wasn't with it. I wasn't with Vote or Die, because I knew that voting itself, with no real knowledge of who is paying these candidates to run million dollar a day campaigns, is far from a revolutionary act. I haven't even started to talk about the electoral college that they taught us about in grade school. In this republic, delegates votes are counted, and states with more land have more votes. You can technically have more votes, but lose the election. When the verdict is in question, the Supreme Court decides, as they did when Al Gore clearly won the election but lost due to bipartisan bullshit. The bankers of the world pay our politicians, and often tailor laws and regulations to line their own pockets. I have often stated that I cannot participate in a system that not only is designed to see me fail, but corrupts itself as well.
This was all before Barack Obama threw his hat in the ring. I, like many, appreciated his effort from the sidelines, watching him do the dance on the news. I found myself relating to him and enjoying hearing him speak, but I still remained distrustful of politicians in general. I felt like I could serve my community in many ways on a grassroots level that proceeded politics. I started to see the Obama campaign doing that grassroots work. I hear him speaking about poor people, the environment, things that I haven't heard from politicians who have electability. My criticism of the political system is that it siphons out rational thought because who have to be all things to all people. You can't stand for anything doing that. I remember when Obama spoke out against the war, early. I think the time he spent as a civil rights attorney on Chicago's South Side gives him a unique perspective. I often hear about his lack of experience, but his experience is one that I most closely identify with. I'm not saying I could be president, but I am saying that our government could use a new energy. In order for a revolution to happen, you need revolutionary writers, soldiers, teachers, poets, musicians, garbage-men, cab drivers, politicians, across the board. Everyone will not always agree, but the things we agree on, we should strengthen. When I was younger, none of this really mattered. Now I have two beautiful children, and Barack Obama is an incredibly positive influence on them. I want them to know they can be anything they want.
With that said, I still feel the same as I do about the political system, and one man can't change it. But this man deserves our support nonetheless. I appreciate what he's doing, and there comes a time in history when change is necessary for all of us to prosper. I can't be critical of a society that is scared of change, but be stubborn in my ways for the sake of it. I support Barack Obama and encourage others to take a real look at his campaign so they can come to their own conclusions. I am not delusional about what the office of the president represents, but my support for him is just that, support for someone speaking my language amidst an ocean of double-talk. Thank you for you time." - Talib Kweli, artist/CEO, Blacksmith Music.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Erykah Badu - Honey (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Erykah Badu on top again as all dawmn time )) Watch the video from her coming album "New Amerykah"

Rapaholic™ Present: Kool G Rap - Half a Klip

Label................: Latchkey / Koch
Genre................: Hip-Hop
StoreDate...........: Feb-05-2008
Source...............: CDDA
Size.................: 40,5 MB
Total Playing Time...: 34:56
01. Risin' Up 03:52
02. Turn It Out 02:28
03. 100 Rounds (Original Version) 02:43
04. The Life 04:08
05. Typical Nigga 01:39
06. What's More Realer Then That? 02:44
07. I Feel Bad For You Son 01:43
08. With A Bullet 04:12
09. On The Rise Again 03:44
10. Bonus 1 03:59
11. Bonus 2 03:44

Support the artist...u know what i mean!!!
as Salaam aleikum

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rapaholic™ Present: Chino XL & Playalitical - Something Sacred

Artist: Chino XL & Playalitical
Album : Something Sacred-(Retail)
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label: Illuminated Ent. Group
Rip Date: Jan-23-2008
Street Release: Jan-15-2008
Size: 66,9 MB
Encoder: Lame 3.97 Final -V2 --vbr-new
Grabber: EAC Secure Mode
Source: CDDA
Bitrate: VBRkbit - 44.1kHz - Joint-Stereo
Playing Time: 51:01 min
01. 00:26 Chino XL And Playalitical - Always Has Been, Always Will Be
02. 04:37 Chino XL And Playalitical - Jump Off
03. 03:55 Chino XL And Playalitical - Bat Signals Up
04. 02:49 Playalitical Ft. Duce Stabs - All I Ever Hear
05. 03:43 Playalitical - License To Puke
06. 03:51 Chino XL And Playalitical Ft. Spoke - In-Wordz-Violate You
07. 03:15 Chino XL - Stay In The Lines
08. 02:37 Chino XL And Playalitical Ft. Supernatural - Body You
09. 04:02 Playalitical - Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
10. 05:02 Chino XL - Posiden
11. 00:26 Chino XL And Playalitical - Something Sacred
12. 03:42 Chino XL And Playalitical - Its No Secret
13. 04:05 Playalitical - Let It Snow
14. 03:28 Chino XL Ft. Bizzy Bone - Be With You
15. 05:03 Playalitical - Smoke Screen

Rapaholic™ Present: Percee P - Perseverance The Remix

Label................: Stones Throw
Genre................: Hip-Hop
StoreDate...........: Jan-29-2008
Source...............: CDDA
Size.................: 49,8 MB
Total Playing Time...: 41:33
01. Put It On The Line (Remix) 02:18
02. 2 Brothers From The Gutter (feat. Diamond) (Remix) 02:57
03. The Hand That Leads You (Remix) 02:38
04. Who With Me? (Remix) 02:55
05. NY (Interlude) 00:30
06. The Dirt & Filth (Remix) (feat. Aesop Rock) 03:37
07. Ghetto Rhyme Story (Remix) 03:30
08. Legendary Lyricist (Remix) (feat. Madlib) 03:42
09. Ox (Interlude) 00:21
10. Real Talk (Remix) 03:35
11. Throwback Drum Attack (Remix) (feat. Karriem Riggins) 03:56
12. No Time For Jokes (Remix) (feat. Chali2na) 03:31
13. Last Of The Greats (Remix) (feat. Prince Po) 03:40
14. The Woman Behind Me (Madlib Remix) 04:23
Remixes by Madlib

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rapaholic™ Present: Torae - Daily Conversation

Label................: Internal Affairs / Coalmine Records Genre................: Hip-Hop
StoreDate...........: Jan-29-2008
Source...............: CDDA
Size.................: 56,9 MB
Total Playing Time...: 54:03
01. Intro 03:52
02. Callin' Me 03:17
03. Somethin' To See 03:15
04. The Journey Pt. 1 03:06
05. Click (feat. Skyzoo) 03:50
06. Fantaztik (feat. Chaundon, Skyzoo, & Kil Ripkin) 03:42
07. Think About It (feat. Teflon) 02:59
08. Switch 02:47
09. Get It Goin' 03:11
10. Save The Day (feat. Stimuli & Kel Spencer) 03:56
11. Da Nigguz Is Commin' (feat. Tash) 03:03
12. CME The Entity (feat. Skyzoo, Yatta Barz, & Zeqway) 03:28
13. Get It Done (feat. Skyzoo) 03:44
14. Tayler Made 03:29
15. Casualty (+ Hidden Track) 06:24

This stuf is crazy production by Primo, 9th Wonder, Marco Polo, Black Milk, Khrysis & others. Grab it now!
As Salaam Aleikum!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Black Sheep (Dres & Mr. Long)

Remembered for a couple of striking singles and their membership in the Native Tongues family of groups, Black Sheep also recorded one of rap music's most entertaining debuts, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Handling both production and delivery, Dres and Mista Lawnge appeared headed for a long, rewarding career, but unfortunately faded after the release of their long-delayed sophomore set.
Both members, Andre Titus (Dres) and William McLean (Mista Lawnge), were natives of New York who grew up in North Carolina, Titus the son of a military man. Both were also hip-hop fans during the mid-'80s, Dres as an MC and Mista Lawnge as a DJ. Looking for a record contract, Lawnge moved to New York -- where he'd spent time as a child -- and played a gig with DJ Red Alert, who introduced him to Mike Gee of the Jungle Brothers. Gee's connection to the newly christened Native Tongues family (headed by Afrika Bambaataa along with Queen Latifah) inspired Lawnge to form Black Sheep and recruit Dres as the group's MC. The duo's first release, "Flavor of the Month," was one of the hottest rap singles of 1991, and the ascendancy of Native Tongues groups De la Soul and A Tribe Called Quest only improved Black Sheep's fortunes. Their debut album, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, released on Mercury late that year, hit number 30 on the album charts and the next single, "The Choice Is Yours," was an MTV hit (thanks to director Chuck Stone's video) and a surprising success at college radio (aside from specialty shows, rap rarely appeared on college play lists). The album eventually moved close to one million copies, and the pair appeared on the Brand New Heavies' Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1 next to the era's hottest rappers: Main Source, Gang Starr, Kool G Rap, and the Pharcyde.
Black Sheep's follow-up, Non-Fiction, was doomed from the start. Released in 1994, the record received close to zero promotion and lacked the imagination of A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. The single "Without a Doubt" got a little airplay, but the duo split soon after. Both worked on varying projects, and Dres released his solo debut, Sure Shot Redemption, in 1999. (One year later, he appeared in the film Once in the Life, Laurence Fishburne's debut as a director, playing a bagman for a drug kingpin.) Black Sheep reunited to produce a track for the film's soundtrack, toured with Das EFX, and announced the recording of a new album.

Black Sheep - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Oct 22, 1991; Mercury)
Playfully satirical, witty, and incredibly imaginative, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing introduced one of the freshest talents in early-'90s rap, a self-produced duo who caught the tail end of the Native Tongues family. Though Dres and Mista Lawnge didn't match the brilliant wordplay of A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul, their topics were well-chosen, they were presented in a hilarious context, and every song was backed up by strong productions and great rapping. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing wasn't a comedy record, but it was difficult to tell when the duo were half-serious or half-joking, especially since they were often the objects of their jokes. They poked fun at many aspects of black music and culture of the early '90s, everything from the persuasive gangster mentality ("U Mean I'm Not"), obsessions over the Afrocentric viewpoint ("Are You Mad?"), and lewd sex raps ("La Menage"), as well as an amusingly incorrect response to feminism ("L.A.S.M."). They also dropped a few of the best hip-hop club tracks of the era, the insanely catchy items "The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)," "Try Counting Sheep," and "Flavor of the Month." (Another smooth dance tune, "Strobelite Honey," was dreadfully honest about girls who look better under the lights than upon closer inspection.) Polar opposites to the ranks of somber political rappers, and deftly counteracting the indulgence and self-seriousness of many alternative groups, Black Sheep hit a height with their debut that few hip-hop acts would ever reach.

Black Sheep - Non-Fiction (Dec 6, 1994; Mercury)
Three years isn't an especially long time between albums, but in hip-hop an epoch separated 1991 from 1994. That made it especially difficult for Black Sheep to follow up their prescient debut, and unfortunately, it appeared they'd run out of significant ideas after just one LP. Non-Fiction is bland where A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing was exciting, stiff and rigid instead of dexterous, and most astonishing of all, unreflective and self-serious where their debut had been imaginative and playful. "Autobiographical" is an interesting opener, telling the story of Black Sheep's transition from New York to Carolina and back, but despite some smooth raps and interesting wordplay, nothing else here says anything. The smooth club single "Without a Doubt" is the only track catchy enough to rank with the first record, and Black Sheep's sharp social critiques were entirely missing. Similar to the Pharcyde, their stylistic brothers from the West Coast, the sophomore slump hit Black Sheep particularly hard, and practically destroyed them as creative artists.
Genre [Hip-Hop]
Quality/Size [44.1 @VBR 63,9 MB]
Grabbed from [CDDA]
Enc [Lame 3.97]
Website []
01 01:48 U Mean I Don't
02 04:25 Grew Up
03 04:45 Be Careful Feat. Choklate
04 03:48 Whodat
05 04:04 Shorty
06 03:56 Sunshine Feat. Dinky Bingham
07 04:01 8wm
08 04:02 Novakane
09 04:11 Wonder Feat. Yummy Bingham
10 04:37 Heed The Word
11 03:40 Everyday Feat. Choklate
12 04:06 Hey
13 04:08 Novakane Groove

Friday, January 18, 2008

Rapaholic™ Present: Big Noyd - Illustrious

Label................: Koch
Genre................: Rap
StoreDate...........: Jan-22-2008
Source...............: CDDA
Size.................: 50,6 MB
Total Playing Time...: 40:13
01. Snitches 03:20
02. Posted On The Block 03:10
03. So Much Trouble (feat. Serani) 03:13
04. Heartless 03:12
05. Money Talk 02:53
06. Things Done Changed (feat. Kira) 02:58
07. Back Up In This Bitch 02:53
08. The Paper (feat. Jay Rush) 02:03
09. Ghetto (feat. Joell Ortiz) 03:11
10. It's A Wrap (feat. Ric Rude) 02:56
11. Trying To Make It Out (40 Glocc & B.A.M.) 02:50
12. Nowhere Else To Hide 03:19
13. Rags To Riches 02:56
14. Get It Poppin' 01:19

Great performance: John Legend - Live From Philadelphia

Label..........: Columbia
Source.........: CDDA
Genre..........: Soul
Size...........: 108,0 MB
Rip Date.......: 01-15-2008
Artist Info....: n/a
Release Date...: 00-00-0000
Quality........: LAME 3.97 V2
01. John Legend - Do You Wanna Ride
02. John Legend - Heaven
03. John Legend - Stereo
04. John Legend - Lets Get Lifted
05. John Legend - Alright
06. John Legend - Number One
07. John Legend - Save Room
08. John Legend - Where Is The Love Ft.Corinne Bailey Rae
09. John Legend - I Can Change
10. John Legend - I Want You-(Shes So Heavy)
11. John Legend - Slow Dance
12. John Legend - Dance To The Music
13. John Legend - Again
14. John Legend - PDA (We Just Dont Care)
15. John Legend - Used To Love U
16. John Legend - Ordinary People
17. John Legend - Comming Home
18. John Legend - Show Me-(Encore)
19. John Legend - So High-(Encore)