Friday, October 19, 2007

Special Request!

Guerilla Black - God Bless The Child
Label..........: n/a
Source.........: CDDA
Genre..........: Rap
Size...........: 51,1 MB
Rip Date.......: Sep-15-2007
Artist Info....: n/a
Release Date...: Sep-18-2007
Quality........: LAME 3.97 V2

01. Genesis 02:24
02. Thank You (God Bless The Child) (feat. Janet) 04:37
03. The Streets (feat. Chris Jones) 04:34
04. Whatever 03:58
05. She Wanna Baller 03:13
06. Put Yo Hands Up 03:26
07. I Know 04:14
08. The Life (feat. Lejohn) 03:30
09. U Do U 04:05
10. Pour Me A Drank 03:08
11. Round & Round 04:06
12. Revalations 02:24

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