Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Teacha Returns...

Title [Adventures In Emceein]
Artist [KRS-One]
Label [Echo-Vista]
Genre [Hip-Hop]
Quality/Size [44,1 @VBR 73,3 MB]
Ripped [02-13-2008]
Grabbed from [CDDA ]
Enc [Lame 3.97]
01 00:16 Intro F. Rakim
02 00:54 TodayÆs Topics F. Chuck D
03 03:39 Our Soldiers F. Cx
04 03:41 Money F. MC Lyte
05 03:23 We Dem Teachas F. Keith Stewart
06 02:57 Better & Better F. Pee-Doe
07 02:42 The Way ItÆs GoinÆ Down
08 02:22 The Teacha Returns
09 03:06 The Real Hiphop F. Nas
10 02:49 Watch This! F. S-Five
11 03:32 WhatÆs Your Plan?
12 02:37 All Right F. Just Blaze
13 02:53 DonÆt Get So High (Dancehall Mix)
14 02:38 I Got You
15 03:10 All My Love F. Carlet Boseman
16 03:08 Over 30 (Remix)
17 03:07 Getaway
18 03:44 DonÆt Give It Up F. S-Five
19 03:24 Gro---Oh!(Hiphop Nation) F. S-Five
20 03:43 ItÆs All Love F. Non-Stop
21 02:57 Wachanoabout F. Vince Flores On Guitar

Hip-hop is definitelly lives!!!!!!!!!!!


DeeMGenius said...

I can descibe this album in just one word - "catastrophe"! It's hard to believ that the same guy made great "Return Of The Boom Bap"....

Anonymous said...

u mean u dont like it?

Mariusz said...
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deemgenius said...

It's the worst shit I've heard this year, and that's sad... it's KRS-One:/

Olskool4real said...

Hate to have to agree to this one but it is staight Bootyyyyy!!!What the hell was he thinking of? I thought Mos Def's was bad but this 21 tracks of B.S.This is one of my favorite m.c.'s but his last few albums make it difficult to defend!!!

bigm said...

dope post here the teacha, thanks
and comment sometime

Adam Infanticide said...

yeah, sadly I've got to agree...

KRS has been a favorite of mine for about 20 years-fuck, I'm old- but his career's always been somewhat spotty (we got to advance, Human Education Against Lies, that Spiritual Minded shit, any song he's done with an R&B hook). He's had more staying power than pretty much everyone else, tho.

There's actually a couple halfway decent tracks on this is but I think everyone can agree his classics are behind him. Stop cranking out the records Kris! Spend some time and give us one dope album instead of a ton of throwaway material!

... or maybe this is supposed to be agitprop for the club kids who've got shitty taste in music?

Olskool4real said...

No doubt!! I was I hoping this is just an F U to his record company or something!! Maybe he is out of the contract after this one, I can't find a logical excuse for this, since he doesnt' strike me as a man that lacks intelligence!!!Or maybe??????

Daystrom-M5 said...

I could really use one more lesson from the teacher. I can't wait to hear this but since most everybody says it sucks, I'll try to temper my expectations.

One question. Anyone know what song BDP sampled on "The Blueprint"? It's killin' me...I just gotta know!

Ignorance Inc Hip Hop said...

No doubt hip hop lives, i slipped on this one, but it will be in the ride soon. Im gonna play it loud when i hear someone else playing soulja boy

Anonymous said...