Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cappadonna - Slang Prostitution (Chambermusik)

Slowly crawling out of the hole he dug with 2001's The Yin and the Yang plus 2003's The Struggle, Cappadonna makes good with Slang Prostitution, a better yet still uneven effort that finally arrived in early 2009 after more than a year of delays. It's overstuffed at 19 tracks, and hard ballers like "Life's a Gamble" with Raekwon seem out of Capp's reach here, but when the off-kilter Wu-Tang rapper turns to mischief, women, or something breezy, he excels. The out of tune swaggering on "Walk with Me," the hazy nostalgia of "Stories," and the wonderfully spaced-out "Da Vorzon" all work splendidly, but it's the "biddy-biddy-bop" jazz of "Somebody's Got to Go" that towers over all with the lyrics bouncing all over G-Clef da Mad Komposa's almost-Us3 production. The redundant songs plus three chapters of the tedious spoken word piece "You Can't Keep a Good Man Down" keep this one off the top tier, but fans will recall the good ol' days when Capp explains how he's living the "Savage Life" with the throwback stinger "To animals/My words be the words of Christ."

You Can't Keep A Good Man Down Part I
Savage Life
Three Knives feat 3rd Diglah & Lounge Lo (prod by Soul Professor)
Walk With Me feat Joey Lee (prod by Digem Trax & G-Clef Da Mad Komposa)
Do You Remember?
That Staten Island Shit feat Lounge Lo (prod by Digem Trax)
Stories feat Jojo Pellegrino & 3rd Diglah (prod by 3rd Diglah)
Life's A Gamble feat Raekwon and Rachet (prod by Rush)
Hustle & Flow
You Can't Keep A Good Man Down Part II
Pistachio feat Lounge Lo, King Just & Lugar (prod by Soul Professor)
Grungy feat G-Clef Da Mad Komposa (prod by Q-Dini)
What's Really Up?
Da Vorzon feat Lounge Lo (prod by Blastah Beats)
Somebody Got To Go feat Lounge Lo & Ghetto Philharmonic
Fire feat Masta Killa (prod by Chicargo)
Speed Knots feat Precise (prod by N.E.S.)
Stay Shining
You Can't Keep A Good Man Down Part III

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