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Rapaholic™ Presents: Y-esha ~ They Like It (SIngle)


In a hardcore, cut-throat industry dominated by men, many female artists are over looked, don’t make the cut, or simply do not have the drive, determination, desire, or focus to keep going and fully break in. Y-esha has what most of these other female artists are lacking, plus, her complete passion to be able to do this and feed her family fuels her failure is not an option attitude.  With her humble beings in the church, Y-esha could not deny the love that she was developing for hip hop through her surroundings, friends, and life.  At this point Y-esha was accepting hip hop for all it was and had to offer.  She was hooked.
After many years of just messing around with the thought of doing music, at age 16, Y-esha recorded her first demo in Springfield, Mo. Thinking that this was all that she had to do to be a superstar, she thought that she was on her way.  Unfortunately, this demo ended up being nothing more than just a CD for her friends to ride around to with nothing more coming from it.  A learning experience, none the less, Y-esha decided to take a different approach with her music talent and decided to head back home to St. Louis, Mo., and make another push in a different market.
With the second CD release entitled ‘D-Girl Fresh’, Y-esha began to grab the attention of the streets and create a buzz. . Hitting the streets of St. Louis by herself, Y-esha single-handedly began to take over and make a name for herself through her own self funded promotional CD’s, t-shirts, and flyers. With her grind and hustle not going unnoticed, Y-esha soon picked up the attention of local promoters and began to actively network and build relations with these members of the local industry. From here Y-esha was soon opening for acts such as Trina, Young Buck, Ben Hill Squad, Lil Boosie, and  DJ Unk just to name a few. Delivering her trademark high energy, crowd mesmerizing performance, Y-esha left the crowd wanting more with a positive lasting impression on all in attendance.  But it was her willingness to promote and think out the box grabbed the attention of the DJ’s.
            As Y-esha’s buzz rose, so did her contacts connecting with some of the best rappers and producers in St. Louis, Mo. It wasn’t until she received a track from a producer by the name of Mr. Skip A Beat, did she know that she had a hot record on her hands. They went into the studio and came out with the hit single ‘Get Money’. The new single ‘Get Money’ soon had Y-esha’s name spreading like wildfire through out the St. Louis underground scene.  With such a quick powerful buzz in the streets it was only a matter of time before it would hit the ears of a DJ’s at one of the biggest mix shows in the St. Louis area. Just like that ‘Get Money’ caught the ear of DJ Sno on Hot 104.1 FM.  This coupled with Y-esha’s hard work and determination the record built enough success to get Y-esha nominated and crowned the 2009 Female Artist of the Year at the Traffic Music Awards held in St. Louis, Mo.
            Since then Y-esha has been featured in Midwest Leak Magazine, RocHarder Magazine, with mentions in Ozone Magazine as well. She has recently connected and is working directly with A&R consultant Kevin Shine to develop a new sound and guide the waves of hip hop.  After many sessions Y-esha is proud to present the world with her new the new record “They Like It” featuring LS and Jenny Vokals. The record speaks for itself as the feel good song catches the attention of everyone. With immediate crossover appeal, this record is designed with not just hip hop heads in mind, but for anyone who loves and enjoys music.
            The movement has just started for Y-esha. Building her craft from the ground up, staying determined, and focused, is what has lead to this new movement.  Are you apart of the movement? 

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