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Relatively minor stars in the Wu-Tang constellation, GP Wu released their debut, Dont Go Againt The Grain, in 1998. That album was produced by Daddy O from Stetsasonic and Hank Shocklee of Bomb Squad and Public Enemy fame, making the Wu-Tang connection even more tenuous. However, as Wu-Tang Clan historians will undoubtedly know, the four GP Wu members — Rubberbands, June Luva, Pop Da Brown Hornet, and Down Low Recka — all made appearances on Shyheim's first two albums, Shyheim a/k/a the Rugged Child (1994) and Lost Generation (1996). The connection was made indelible on Shyheim's Manchild album cover from 1999, featuring the shirtless MC with a GP Wu tattoo on his bicep.

GP Wu - Don't Go Against the Grain (Jan 27, 1998)
Yet another offshoot of the wildly successful Wu-Tang Clan, the four members of GP Wu (Rubberbands, June Luva, Pop Da Brown Hornet and Down Low Recka) do a good job of replicating the Wu-Tang sound, but fail to live up to the somewhat lofty standards the rap conglomerate has established. Don't Go Against the Grain is a very consistent effort, overflowing with the style that is so distinct to hardcore East Coast rap. Consistency, however, is not necessarily genius. While the album is not completely forgettable, it fails to be particularly memorable either.

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